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Thousands of acres in North Dakota have been contaminated & deadened, sterilized by saltwater chemical spills, through decades of careless oil production. 

The aftermath of big oil has destroyed rich farmland and wildlife sanctuaries in western North Dakota. It effects us all. Without a diversity of healthy plants creating oxygen, global warming and climate change continues to significantly increase. The contamination must stop, the soil needs to be renewed to health again. We are the Salted Lands & Water Council, a nonprofit working to move industry and government to action. Let's revive the Dead Lands of North Dakota!

Acres of

contaminated farmland



Poisoned wildlife area acres 

Families & farms effected



Earth for US to Protect

A vision to


  1. To reclaim thousands of acres of farmland damaged by the oil industry.

  2. To return salt-damaged farmland back into production to help feed and nourish the world.

  3. To protect and conserve soil and water quality for farmers and rural communities.

  4. To provide economic stability to local communities by eliminating the economic liability of salt-contaminated land.

  5. To support local communities by developing reclamation expertise creating jobs that will last longer than the oil industry.

Help bring the Dead Lands back to LIFE

You can help reclaim, restore and revive salt contaminated land, resulting in renewed farm production, protected wildlife and hope for the future. A contribution of any amount is a step toward revitalizing the dead lands of North Dakota.

Stories of families living through this DEVASTATION

Generations of farm families have depended on the land for survival. Once productive land is made sterile not only the farmers income, but the food chain and the wildlife are devastated. Be inspired and help revive the land. 

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All the Latest

Land damaged by oil production must be reclaimed and restored to productive capability. North Dakota’s state government allowed oil companies to produce without clean up and must restore our lands for viable food production. Our dead lands must be revived.

Resources to dig deeper

Take a deep dive into the issues with research documents, informational websites and the SLC blog. Learn how the damage is often delayed for decades. Our efforts form alliances so that comprehensive action  occurs. 

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Help to Reclaim | Restore | Revive the land for future generations. Your donation today will be used to fund a court order for the reclamation of our devastated farmland, wildlife areas – the devastated & dead lands of western North Dakota.  If successful, all contributors can be refunded in full by the Salted Lands Council – know that your contribution today will leverage reclamation funding over the next decade and beyond.


The square miles of contamination equals the size of the state of Rhode Island.


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